FOR’22 Curtain Raiser Webinar, 7th Feb. 2022

Terrabiz Digital recently organized a curtain raiser webinar to deliberate its upcoming super event- Future of Retail 2022 Conference, FOR’22 in Karachi.

Retail analysis & evaluation is the need of the hour because everyone buys retailed products & the recent, unprecedented turbulence caused by COVID-19 pandemic impacts every one of us directly.

FOR’22 is the first event of its kind in Pakistan & promises to deliver international best practices learned from the experiences of major players in the country’s business & industrial corridor. The conference will delve deep into customer experience, shopping, e-commerce, payment gateways, last-mile delivery & relevant topics that every retail professional needs to be aware of in order to survive & grow.

Speaking at the webinar, Chainstores Association of Pakistan’s (CAP) Asfandyar Farrukh described how CAP has brought fragmented retail brands & businesses under one umbrella. “The large retail ecosystem is evolving thanks to technological advancements & how customers are increasingly switching to the convenience offered by contemporary sellers.”

The audience takeaways include evolution of retail businesses in the near future, learning from the experiences of top retail industry executives, the retail ecosystem, strategies for moving ahead in uncertain times, enhancing customer experience & training key personnel.

Retail Super Guru Prakash Menon added that ‘retail is detail’. “Inventory is the backbone of the retail business & can be the real game-changer. Pakistan is still a young & dynamic retail market where players must unlearn & relearn quickly. 21st century management is based on values. We need to innovate, be authoritative & differentiate by incorporating technology, adaptive skills & merchandise planning.”

He identified fact-based negotiation in store management as the key learning for professionals in the retail business.

For’22 is scheduled for 8th March at the Karachi Marriott Hotel with a star-studded line-up of international & local retail experts. The Conference audience represents small, medium & large-scale retailers of Pakistan & senior executives of allied industries attending on site alongside hundreds of local & international participants viewing the event live online via social media.

Curtain Raiser Webinar on 1st Future Of Retail Business Summit – FOR’2022, scheduled on Monday, February 7, 2022, will feature one of our Keynote speakers Dr. Prakash Menon. Dr. Menon is a retail visionary, former board member of Australia’s iconic retail brand Myers, best-selling author, and someone well acquainted with the Pakistani marketplace. Rabia Garib the session moderator will seek details of the salient features of FOR’2022 from organizers after which Dr. Menon will hold forth for 20 minutes on his global experiences of the retail landscape.

“Over the years, I have come to experience not only PK’s strong business acumen, but also his baring wit, wisdom, and his ability to tell a good story”. Bernie Brookes CEO Myer Pty Lt. Book Driven

“Supply Chain under PK’s Leadership played a very important role in what was to become a highly successful and profitable turnaround at Myer, Bill Wavish” , Former Executive Chairman Myre , Book Supply Chain

“PK’s Story isn’t based on academic theories, but on hard earned, raw, and real lessons. A great book for anyone wishing to achieve success by learning that Failure is the foundation upon which Success is built.” Matt Church, Founder, Thought Leaders Global. Book Failure

About Prakash

Prakash Menon is a proven world-class retail supply practitioner and expert. His vision is to help retail organizations create high-performance professionals who are true and credible leaders in all aspects of the business – technical, non-technical, and with great leadership skills.

Prakash has had two very successful corporate careers, both in India and Australia. He joined the Australian iconic retail brand Myers, and later went on from folding towels and sheets on the shop floor to the board level in just 8 years, the fastest appointment in the history of this ‘one of the largest’ retail giants !! He led the team, which transformed a broken supply chain into a world-class operation in literally under 12 months, adding millions of dollars to the bottom line. This was, undoubtedly, one of the largest transformations in the history of the Australian retail landscape, successfully undertaken, despite the time and resource constraints.

PK’s passion, expertise and commercial sensibilities will help a retailer re-evaluate strategies, break away from old norms, gain financial freedom and become recognised as a world-class industry leader.