WEDNESDAY / JULY 19 / 2023 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Karachi Marriott Hotel

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Registrations for the exclusive "AI-Powered Workforce: Transforming the Future of Work" talk with Semih Kumluk are now closed. Thank you to all those who registered and expressed interest in this insightful session!

For those who couldn't join us today, don't worry! We will be providing access to the recording of the talk after a week. Stay tuned, and we will send you the link to the recording.

Thank you for your support and enthusiasm. We look forward to sharing the knowledge and insights from the session with all of you.

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Hamza Wasi Hashmi - CEO TerraBiz cordially invites you

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Discover AI's transformative impacton work processes and communication.

Enhance productivity, creativity, and job satisfaction with AI-driven tools.

Navigate challenges: biases, data accuracy, and responsible AI adoption.

About The Author


Semih Kumluk is an experienced executive with a diverse background in multinational companies. He has led innovation projects at Unilever and currently serves as the Head of Digital Business Transformation Programs at PwC Academy. With a master's degree in engineering and technology management, Semih brings a unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen. He has successfully managed CRM teams, established HR analytics programs, and launched the first AI program in the Middle East. Semih is recognized as a Top50 Thought Leader in Artificial Intelligence and serves as a Global AI Ambassador. Outside of work, he enjoys mentoring students and participating in athletic competitions. If you're interested in learning about generative AI tools and how they could impact how work gets done-and by whom-you won't want to miss this session.