“Planning is relatively easy – the difficult bit is to deliver what we have planned” – this general theme is universally recognised by business management.
This carefully structured programme addresses directly the underlying challenges of achieving successful strategy execution.The course structure and supporting materials are updated to reflect the many challenges in the current post-pandemic business world with attendant geo-political as well as economic sources of business turbulence.

4 Key Business Benefits

Understand the key components of a successful strategy management system in a post-pandemic world

Develop an Execution Toolkit to take back to your organisation

Learn about the principal processes necessary to support making your strategy work

Find out the key cultural / behavioural factors that require proactive management, and which frequently act as the # 1 blockage to successful strategy implementation

Our Partners

About Course Director


Director Alan Fell Consultancy Ltd, UK

Alan Fell is a UK-based and internationally recognised & respected specialist in the subject of Strategy Management. He brings a special focus on both the development and usage of the Balanced Scorecard (the # 1 strategy management tool) and the challenges of successfully implementing the chosen strategy of the organisation.

After a successful career at senior executive level with a major UK Bank, Alan has operated as an independent management consultant and trainer for the last 27 years, helping organisations and individual training delegates to improve their strategy management capabilities. During this period, he has run well over 400 training programmes / workshops across the world.

Alan has focused primarily upon both the Middle East and Asian markets, but also covers engagements in the UK, North America and Australasia. He has been a regular business visitor to Pakistan, in long-term collaboration with TerraBiz, since 2008. His work encompasses a wide range of industry sectors. Alan has extensive experience in consulting, at executive level, with organisations as they address the challenges of successful strategy management.

Alan brings a pragmatic and disciplined approach to his subjects and carries a firm conviction of the importance of management ownership to both the processes and cultural aspects of achieving successful strategy execution.

Successful STRATEGY OUTCOME / Delivering the VISION

(Sessions 1 – 3)

Ensuring we have a clear and coherent strategy, aligned throughout the organisation.

(Sessions 4 – 6)

Implementing the key PROCESSES for strategy implementation

(Sessions 7 – 8)

Managing the key CULTURAL requirements for strategy implementation

Who Will Benefit

This course is designed for anyone who is responsible for preparing and implementing business plans and proposals. It is ideal for people who have to propose new business ideas to people in their own company – at any level such as planning, finance, accounts, development, operations, business development, strategic planning, business process re-engineering and strategy.

Our course leader Alan Fell brings 40 years of hands-on business experience, as a senior executive of a major UK bank followed by world-wide training / consulting experience.

The course combines short but wide-ranging subject matter presentations / discussions followed by a series of hands-on team or individual exercises to emphasise the theme of “learning by doing, not just listening”.


It is commonly accepted that 70% of organisations fail to deliver their chosen strategy – and therefore to reach their overall goals / vision.

This remarkable failure rate reflects common every-day behaviour – we find it very easy to promise (“I’ll phone you back in 5 minutes”) but then equally easy to find an excuse for not doing so.

But strategy execution is not doomed to failure. There are steps that management can take to strengthen, significantly, their execution success rate. Our programme focused upon these key steps grouped into the three main themes summarised below.

Our intensive and highly interactive course is arranged around 3 main themes

1) The crucial importance of having a chosen business strategy that is clearly defined, facilitates ownership and measurement, and is cascaded / aligned throughout the organisation. Do we have a clear strategy? And how effectively do we adapt and modify that strategy as global turbulence requires? Do we have strategic agility?

2) The key processes necessary to support successful strategy implementation / execution. Strategy execution will not happen by accident, and simply having a plan is not in itself enough. There are key management processes that can significantly help the success rate.

3) The key cultural / behavioural requirements to support (rather than to block) successful delivery of the chosen strategy. Noting Peter Drucker’s famous quote – “culture eats strategy for breakfast”

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