One of the core Roles and Responsibilities of Board Directors is the oversight of the organisation relating to Strategy Formulation and subsequent Strategy Execution.

All Boards address this challenge, but do so in different ways and with very mixed results. At the heart of this subject is the division of responsibility between the Board and the Executive team (and especially the CEO) of the organisation.

But whilst most Boards of Directors will claim to cover this subject effectively, the outcome is a high failure rate of strategy execution. So how can Board members improve the discharge of their responsibilities to deliver better strategic outcomes?

What you will gain

It is expected that all Directors will have some understanding of Strategy Management. But the question is - how well do they discharge their individual and collective responsibilities? The high failure rate in Strategy Execution clearly shows that many Directors / Boards are not sufficiently engaged or effective on this subject.

This short but intensive programme will give to all delegates a combination of:

  • A crucial refresher and reminder of the generic roles and responsibilities of Directors
  • An identified set of areas requiring improvement in order to strengthen the strategic performance of their organisation

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Overall Approach

The day's agenda is divided between four sessions, with coffee breaks or lunch separating the sessions and allowing for informal discussion and questioning.

The whole approach will be of an executive level discussion and sharing of experiences, NOT a one-way lecture by the programme director. Delegates will be expected to contribute constructively to the discussions

Throughout the programme, the course director will use examples and mini-case studies from his 40+ years of management experience.

The documentation will include straightforward check-lists for delegates to assess the current strategy management performance of:

  • their organisation
  • the Board of which they are a member
  • their personal contribution

and identify areas where sensible improvement is desirable.

Programme Agenda

  • Course introduction
  • External guidance from Government agencies, leading academic and consulting organisations
  • Strategy sub-committee: pros and cons.
  • The balance between Directors and management
  • What is generic good practice, and what common bad practices should be avoided

The key issues on which the Board should give clear input and direction.

  • Meaningful Mission, Vision and Values statements: good and poor examples
  • Translating the Vision into explicit business statements supported by SMART Goals: this is a notoriously weak area in so many organisations …
  • The key strategic priorities - setting the principal strategic direction to achieve the Vision and Goals.

The key aspects of the Strategic Plan on which the Board should have oversight and be satisfied:

  • Is there a clear, logical, and realistic strategy to achieve the organisational Goals? Have different scenarios been considered?
  • Has the strategy been translated into relevant strategic KPIs with realistic future performance targets?
  • Does the Plan incorporate necessary performance improvement projects / initiatives?
  • Has the Plan been cascaded and aligned throughout the organisation?
  • Is there effective alignment in the Plan between strategic ambition and
    • Financial / manpower resources
    • Risk

The key aspects of the Strategic Plan on which the Board should have oversight and be satisfied:

  • Does Board receive appropriate level of strategic progress reporting from management - not just financial summaries?
  • Is there effective communication of the Plan and of regular implementation progress throughout the organisation?
  • Are you satisfied with the alignment between strategy and the culture of the organisation? Special focus on performance culture / remuneration and team cultural aspects.

Who should attend

The programme is aimed at:

  • Existing Board Director (executive and non-executive)
  • Those experienced people who are preparing to take on the responsibilities of becoming a Board Director
  • Senior Executives who need to better understand the role of Board Directors with whom they need to constructively interact

This short programme is equally suitable for those from both commercial profit-centred and public sector non-profit organisations.


Alan Fell is a UK-based independent consultant and trainer who specialises in strategy management and the supporting tools of the balanced scorecard and KPIs.

After a successful senior executive level career at a major UK bank, for the last 25 years Alan has worked globally as a consultant / trainer. In his banking career, Alan undertook increasingly senior roles in the fields of planning, performance management and finance.

In his consulting career, Alan frequently interacts with Boards and Executive Management teams in client organisations. During this long experience Alan's work has spanned all major industry sectors covering commercial, family and publicly owned enterprises.

He has conducted over 400 client training or consulting assignments during this period, with a special geographic focus on the Middle East and SE Asia. Alan has also visited Pakistan regularly over the last 14 years, working in close partnership with Terrabiz.

He comments: “Too many organisations are over-focused on day-to-day operations. It is crucial to get clarity on the Big (strategic) Picture"


“Alan Fell is an amazing talent who has an ability to trigger the constructive thought process during the training. This unique method was quiet helpful in learning”

M. Wasif - Senior Manager, Gul Ahmed Textile Mills

"It was engaging & insightful, Alan knows how to get results. Truly insightful experience"

Fakhrah Taymore - Head of HR, 1 Link

“Very knowledgeable & flexible”

Romana Khokhar - Group Head, Silk Bank

“Lot of knowledge on the subject. Alan showed us different ways of looking at strategy. Very clear and concise.”

Sarah Ashar Hussain - Officer, Engro Polymer & Chemicals Ltd.

“A very useful & informative Trainer”

Owais Shaikh - Head of Liabilities, HBL


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