Join us for an exclusive Customer Experience Masterclass facilitated by Top 100 Global CX thoughtleader and International motivational Speaker – Faran Niaz.

  • Acquire new customers more cost effectively
  • Decrease your cost to serve customers
  • Build customer loyalty and advocacy
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Give your employees a way of communicating CX
  • Create motivated employees
  • Generate sales through cross-selling, up-selling and increased retention

Course Outline

Module ONE


Take a look at the journey of Customer Experience and its evolution into new dynamics. Customer centric organizations enjoy the benefits of delivering more consistent experiences than product-centric organizations. You will be introduced to customer centric model and explore concepts for Customer Experience that will reinforce the customer centric culture within your organization.

  • Introduction to Customer Experience & its journey
  • Customer Experience vs. Customer Service
  • Develop the Customer Centricity model
  • Find out how Customer Centric your organization is
  • Key elements of building Customer Experience Strategy

Module TWO


Customer Experience refers to every interaction customers have with a company, at all stages of the relationship: before, during and after the sale. CX strategy defines the vision, context and plans to deliver a positive, meaningful, valuable experience and deliver on the brand promise to the customer. To have a successful CX strategy, the following aspects must be taken into account:

  • The mission and vision of the company from the point of view of customer experience
  • Generation CX – Re-imagining CX Strategy
  • The importance frameworks for the CX strategy
  • CX pillars that will help you to consistently develop and improve your CX Strategy
  • Personas & designing Journey Maps. Identifying customer touchpoints, moment of truth and pain points
  • Employee Experience: Employee recognition and engagement strategies
  • Complaint is a blessing - How to manage difficult customers and convert them into loyal customers
  • How to be a successful CX leader

Module THREE


What gets measured, gets managed. The dynamics of the customer experience are changing. In addition to tracking metrics, organizations must also measure customer behaviour, lifetime value and loyalty. Organizations need to start creating new KPIs along with traditional ones. Its important to fully understanding CX Metrics – what works and what does not and why!

  • It’s time to evaluate VOB (Voice of Business) – the holistic view of feedback!
  • Is NPS dead? What is new revolutionary Metric NPS 3.0.
  • New CX Methods and Indicators that organizations should start tracking;
  • Why is it hard for CX professionals to justify return on investment (ROI) to the C-suite?
  • How to calculate CX ROI – learn some simple techniques
  • Rethinking ROI, by introducing ROX (Return on Experience)
  • The art and power of using CX Storytelling for organizational engagement. What is your Brand story?

Module FOUR


Customer experience (CX) transformation is a critical aspect of any modern business strategy. It involves the implementation of a customer-centric approach that prioritizes the needs and preferences of customers across all touchpoints. However, it is essential to balance this transformation with the human experience. While technology and automation play a vital role in CX transformation, they should not replace the human touch. Ultimately, a successful CX transformation that balances technology and the human experience can lead to increased customer loyalty, satisfaction, and business growth:

  • Why digital transformation matters in CX
  • Learn about the new trends in CX Transformation – from AI, AR to Metaverse
  • What is Phygital? How Empathy plays a role in todays Digital era
  • Identify the right technology for your CX Strategy
  • Be Aware –transformation can easily go wrong. Learn how to avoid key transformation mistakes
  • Using technology for value creation

This course is designed for you if you work in customer services, customer relations, marketing, sales, service quality, client relations, collections, operations, complaints handling and customer support roles in both the manufacturing and the service sectors.

  • Retail
  • Banking & Finance
  • Insurance
  • FMCG
  • Telecomm
  • Healthcare
  • Logistics
  • Transport
  • Service
  • Government Services
  • Airlines
  • Travel & Tourism

FARAN NIAZ is listed amongst the ‘Top 100 Global CX thought Leaders for 2021’ and is the co-author of the Best Seller book on Amazon ‘Customer Experience 4 – CX4’. He has over 25 years of experience as an accomplished Customer Experience, digital transformation, and change management expert with some of the top financial institutions in the world including Citibank, Mashreq & ADIB. He has been the architect of winning multiple CX awards and creating a unique record of moving one of the Banks in UAE from 23rd position to No.1 Bank in customer experience and maintaining it for record 7 consecutive years. He is a globally recognized Motivation & Keynote Speaker and Awarded by ‘Awards International’ as the most experienced ‘Customer Experience judge’ chairing over 20 events.

His Consultancy, CX Future helps organizations elevate and transform their customer experience to the next level with a mission to solve organizations pains in customer engagement across various channels and processes using advanced CX Maturity Matrix models providing in-depth analysis and evaluation based on VOC metrics, NPS, CSS, CES surveys, customer centric design, Employee engagement, Agile journey mapping, digital online and mobile transformation in line with global CX benchmarks. Faran also guides organizations prepare and WIN! the prestigious International CX Awards to help them recognize, celebrate and showcase their achievements in the field of customer experience at Global stage.

Faran is also an Award winning Photographer with his work exhibited in Italy, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Pakistan.

What people say about Faran...

  • Game-Changing
  • Insightful and Informative
  • Fun and Interactive
  • Best in CX
  • Meaningful
  • World-class

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