Total Rewards as a Strategic Tool

Total Rewards as a Strategic tool

to Drive People Decisions in the Organization

(Advanced Compensation & Benefits Masterclass)
Course Objective:

Total Reward (Compensation and Benefits) is probably the least developed area in HR. In many countries including Pakistan, the needle on total reward has not moved much and programs and practices are still at a fundamental level. The aim of this workshop is not only to re-visit the fundamental knowledge areas but also view the strategic pillars within reward that truly drive employee engagement, attraction, retention and ultimately business performance. The course will cover basic reward knowledge areas and in addition, cover topics which are making a big mark in the world of HR such as pay equity and Pay analytics. Reward around the world has become a fundamental lever to drive Strategic HR decisions in the company. This course will further provide a regional and global view on the latest in the area of Total Reward. Total reward is a lot more than just pay and benefits and this workshop will cover the fully umbrella of total reward offerings.

Who Should Attend:

Experienced Compensation and Benefits professionals, who are seeking to either clarify their role, wish to understand how they can measure their success or those who are simply seeking to improve their skills and knowledge. Senior HR managers who are tasked with managing teams of HR Compensation & Benefits professionals and would like an overview of the importance of the role and its impact on the organisation and other parts of the HR function. Anyone involved in designing and implementing compensation and benefit plans including LTI, pensions, salary reviews, benefit provisions; as well as those professionals who are responsible for areas linked to compensation e.g. performance management, employee engagement, talent management.This workshop is not appropriate for professionals who do not either have significant compensation and benefits experience or are not managing a Compensation & Benefits team.

Course Methodology:

This course will provide you with the latest best-practice advanced compensation techniques and you will have an opportunity to discuss and test various ideas and to establish what may work for your company. You will be given access to various tools and techniques, as well as information on the latest advanced trends and developments.

Course will cover topics like
  • Concept of Total Reward Management
  • Job Evaluations
  • Short Term Incentives
  • Long Term Incenitves
  • Market Data and Salary Surveys
  • Other reward levers to attract and retain talent
  • Pay Equity
  • Pay Transparency
  • Pay Analytics
  • Global Mobility
What are the learnings you expect to gain out of this session?
  • Understanding Total Reward and its elements
  • Improving Reward fundamental knowledge
  • Application of knowledge in real situations
  • Understanding Reward processes (eg. Job Evaluation, mobility, Salary Surveys etc)
  • Using and Applying market data
  • Ability to educate Managers on salary decisions
  • Best practice sharing
  • Regional and global insights and trends in the area of total reward
  • Using reward as a strategic level to drive decision making
  • Areas to optimize employment cost
How is this workshop Different:

This workshop will combine both theory and practical knowledge. We will have quizzes, role plays and case studies to deepen the understanding. There will also be an open forum for participants to ask any question on this subject at the end of the workshop.

Turning ‘Theory’ into ‘Practice’?

This workshop is not a “how to” on building compensation and benefits plans but a Masterclass in defining the role of total compensation in achieving an organisation’s strategy. This highly interactive workshop draws upon the latest research, the facilitator’s personal experiences in senior Comps. & Benefits and Line HR roles and the delegate’s own experiences. The workshop will equip attendees with the knowledge, tools and techniques. it will define the purpose of compensation in their organisations. It will also articulate the role and value of the Compensation and Benefits functions, measure the success (or failure) of those programmes, effectively communicate compensation and benefits as a part of a broader people strategy, focus on a total compensation approach with particular emphasis on non-cash rewards, personal skills and knowledge to improve their own HR proficiency. Delegates will be encouraged to share personal experiences and learn from each others successes. Participants will be encouraged and supported to build a personal development plan for future success.

Course Facilitator

Sajjad Parmar

Director, Regional Reward Business Partner, Asia eBay

Sajjad Parmar is the Head of Reward – APAC at eBay. He started his work journey with Unilever in Pakistan and moving with them to Singapore in 2008. He then moved to GSK as the Regional Reward Lead for Asia, while also doing short stints as the Regional HR Transformation Lead for Finance and Supply Chain and Head of HR for Malaysia before taking his current role with eBay. Apart from his time in Total Reward, he has extensive experience in Talent Management and Acquisition, HR transformation, Performance Management, and HR Analytics. Sajjad has led and delivered many Global HR transformation and Change management initiatives and landed many HR and Reward Interventions for the companies he has worked for.

Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2019
Venue: Movenpick Hotel Karachi
Time: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


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Course Facilitator

Sajjad Parmar

– Director, Regional Reward Business Partner, Asia eBay

Date : July 17, 2019
Time : 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Venue : Movenpick Hotel Karachi

Fee : Rs. 40,000 per participant