Measuring Your Business Strategy

Measuring Your Business Strategy

Workshop Overview:

The basic concept of “what gets measured gets managed” is widely understood and accepted. And the idea of applying this to the world of strategy management is also well established – at least conceptually.

BUT – experience indicates that organisations consistently struggle with three core aspects of this subject:

  • What are the relevant Strategic KPIs for our organisation?
  • What sensible performance targets should we set for the future?
  • How can we best use the strategic KPI monitoring process?

This intensive 1-day programme addresses these three core management challenges and provides a practical and disciplined approach to delivering relevant answers.

The course is structured in workshop format and is based upon 3 modules. Each module will include an introductory presentation from the course leader, Alan Fell, followed by each delegate, or team of delegates, completing the KPI templates that will be provided.

Pre Course Preparation

It is recommended that each delegate should familiarise himself / herself with the business strategy of the organisation to provide a firm base upon which to build the development of relevant Strategic KPIs and associated targets.
It is also important that each delegate comes with an open mind and is ready to challenge the existing selection of KPIs within the business. The underlying issue is that most organisations have a multitude of short-term operational KPIs, but are generally “lightweight” in measuring and monitoring the strategic progress of the organisation.

Who should attend

This course is designed primarily for those Managers/ Supervisors whose role includes an element of strategic or operational planning and execution.
More specifically it is aimed at:
Those at corporate / organisation level; having responsibility for developing / co-ordinating the overall strategies of the organisation.
Business Unit and Departmental management who are involved in developing their strategies and business plans within a clearly articulated corporate context.

Key Business Benefits
  1. Gain practical insight into a successful methodology for translating business strategy into the most relevant and appropriate “strategic KPIs”
  2. Understand the process of selecting and prioritising what are the most relevant KPIs from a typically long list of such potential measures
  3. Learn how to set and validate appropriate and aligned performance targets – and how to avoid the very common trap of having unrealistic and unaligned targets.
  4. How to use Strategic KPIs as a key component of achieving successful implementation of the organisation’s strategic ambitions
  5. Overall – benefit from the course leader’s 30+ years of practical experience on the subject and the challenges of establishing effective ownership of strategic KPIs and targets – without which nothing much is actually achieved.
Detailed Course Outline

The course is structured into 3 modules, following a logical sequence. Each session will include an appropriate mix of presentation, discussion, case study learning and spreadsheet hands-on exercises with templates provided for delegates to customise and complete within the time limits of a comprehensive 1-day course format.

01 – Defining the “Destination” – translating the Vision into explicit SMART Goals

  • Course introductions and methodology
  • Why relevant measurement really matters
  • Understanding the different types / classes of KPIs – direct / indirect, input / output, enablers / results, operational / strategic
  • Clarifying what the Vision means – getting beyond ambiguous slogans
  • Setting measureable / SMART Goals, which represent the destination of the strategic planning process.
  • Validating those Goals: where an organisation develops more than one overall Goal (“overarching strategic Goal”), there is a vital need to ensure compatibility between those Goals.

02 – Documenting the business strategy as the base from which Strategic KPIs are developed

  • Strategy needs to be clearly defined before it can be measured
  • This module uses 3 methodologies to define a business strategy as a prelude to selecting the revenant KPIS
  1. The Strategy canvas           2.         The Strategy Map     3.        Strategic Headlines

02 – The heart of the course – the methodology and practice of translating strategy into relevant Strategic KPIs: to include the methodology for prioritising KPIs

  • The methodology for translating strategy (words) into a number of potential Strategic KPIs
  • Creating the “story” of each key element / component of an organisation’s strategy – the vital bridge between strategy and KPI
  • The process for identifying a number of sensible potential strategic KPIs for each element of the strategy
  • How to prioritise potential KPIs – and select those that are most relevant for measuring your chosen business strategy, supported by explicit KPI definition.
  • What happens to those potential KPIs that are not selected – how can we still benefit from them

Course Facilitator


Director, Alan Fell Consultancy Ltd, UK

Alan is a UK-based specialist in Strategy Management and the Balanced Scorecard – with more than 23 years hands-on experience in “scorecarding”.
Formerly a Senior Executive with a major UK commercial bank, Alan is now a recognized subject matter expert in the Balanced Scorecard and the broader management challenges of Strategy Execution. He conducts training events across the world and is a repeat visitor to Pakistan.
Since 2010 Alan has been a Senior Associate of the Balanced Scorecard Institute – BSI ( and leads many of their training and consulting programs with a special focus on the Middle East. This program benefits from Alan’s overall 45+ years’ experience in business management.

The majority of his work is now undertaken internationally, especially in the Middle East/Gulf region, but also in the Far East, South Africa, Europe as well as the UK. Alan is an expert trainer and course leader. Over the last five years, he has led more than 100 conferences, seminars, and workshops concentrating on performance management disciplines in a wide range of international locations.
Alan’s workshops in Pakistan have been attended by participants from Engro Polymer & Chemicals Ltd, Fatima Fertilizer (Fatima Group), Gul Ahmed Textile Mills, JS Private Equity, Ufone, Novatex Limited, Gatron Industries Ltd., Descon Ltd. Gul Ahmed Textile Mills, 1 Link, Silk Bank, Engro Polymer & Chemicals Ltd., HBL, et al.

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Regular Fee: Rs. 35,000 per participant
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Course Facilitator


– Director, Alan Fell Consultancy Ltd, UK

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